onsdag 9 juli 2008

"this, along with a lone can of red-and-white-label pea soup in the back of my pantry, is one of the best finds of the day" Brooklyn Copeland on this humble venture

searching for accidents by francis raven

in the news by lars palm

Permission by the Horns by Joanne Kyger

mispell by lars palm

JAM> by paul siegell

situations by laura carter

solids, or, strike out (a suite) by rob mclennan

channelling voices
by kevin mcpherson eckhoff

from The Pain Itself
by kevin mcpherson eckhoff

northernmost by brooklyn copeland

rubber soul by adam fieled

supposed to sound by christopher rizzo

östergötland (a found poem) by lars palm

the by lars palm


it appears that scribd has started demanding that you log in/sign up (it's free but a nuisance) to be able to download documents from the site. i can't imagine what's up with that. so if you're not registered at scribd i recommend you try going to goodreads, where i have made book pages for all the books & search the one(s) you want to download & save a copy of by searching either author or title. or you might just drop me a line asking for the pdf writing "pdf request" in the subject line to the address in the guidelines below

submission guidelines

ungovernable press is looking for e-book manuscripts of among other things poetry, essays (NOT academic papers), crime stories & translations of either from living & consenting authors up to 40 pages as attachments to larspalm69ATgmailDOTcom with "submission your name" in the subject line. i will probably reply within two weeks

NB. although parts of the manuscript may have been previously published in mags & such the whole must be unpublished
NB 2. i'm not too hot on author bios, but if you insist please keep it at 5 lines or less. working notes on the other hand may be interesting. if you want to include one it should be no more than one page
NB 3. all work will be published under the creative commons license. if you explicitly demand it i'll apply traditional copyright

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